As she pulled away in her car, I turned quickly as not to let her see the tears in my eyes. When she was out of sight I walked slowly into our now empty home. I found my way into the room I kept my computer and sat down. Wiping my eyes I loaded my favorite songs and turned the volume up loud. My mind wondered a few minutes thinking of the long drive ahead of her and how she had never done anything like this before. A pleasant feeling came over me, I thought about how no woman had ever drove so long just to spend a few days with me. We had only known each other for a few short weeks and I remembered the first few nights we talked, both of us clinging to every word appearing on the screen. The time is close I thought, looking into the future a few months, I could see her here sitting on my sofa her deep blue eyes staring into my soul. Two people making a new life with each other, willing to give up everything we have to be together.

I love you Pamela






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