By: Jackie Brent
For: Pamela Jean

Long nights, the search goes on
Desire, wanting, not ... wrong
Many years past many lifes gone

To find what was lost
The feeling in your soul
No matter what the cost

To give all that you are
To share what you've become
To finally reach what's far

Then it comes, as a light
Holding back your heart
Your last lonely night

Even if it's not ours to give
We can't let it go
We take it, our turn to live

But with it, life stings
Longing and distance
The cure ... only time brings

So we cry
And we ache
But the love never dies

Missing You
By: Pamela Jean
For: Jackie Brent

I miss the sound of your voice
how it would touch me deep inside
my heart would race and make me sigh 

I think of the times we talked all night
the times we laughed and the time I cried
The way you made me feel
that things were good and this was right 

The time we spent all too soon gone
knowing that there will be another night
gave me hope to carry on
that some day soon
you'll hold me tight thru the night 

I pray to God, that it will be soon
to have you near me day by day
So my darling, please call and say